How long before my wedding should I see an orthodontist?

If you are asking this question it probably means that your wedding is scheduled (usually after the groom has been selected), you have your locations locked down, event planner organized, perhaps your dress on hold, and you have begun wondering about your smile not long after your photographer has been … Continue reading

Fast Orthodontic Treatment Advertising

For months now my email inbox has been bombarded by companies advertising 'quick/fast/rapid orthodontic' solutions for general dentists. Their accompanying websites contain many false and misleading claims like the systems use new hardware or technology (the hardware and technologies are always old news), and that the treatments are better, cheaper … Continue reading

Accelerated Orthodontics

My presentation at the Australian Dental Association Congress this week was on Accelerated Orthodontics. Treatment duration is a significant hurdle in the acceptance of orthodontic treatment. This is especially so for adults, who have recently been the fastest growing group seeking orthodontic treatment, and who have also driven the need … Continue reading

Early functional orthodontic treatment

Along with my orthodontic colleagues, we are seeing more and more children who have been to a small group of general dentists that offer 'functional' orthodontic solutions, as opposed to 'traditional' orthodontics. From the reports of parents they are subjected to multiple flash presentations that hint at secret knowledge unknown … Continue reading

Tooth movement after orthodontic treatment – Part Three

Teeth move throughout our life. This occurs regardless of whether they have been moved orthodontically. Occasionally patients have been told that this is as a result of wisdom teeth, however it happens whether or not they are present. It's just another fact of ageing, but fortunately this is something that … Continue reading

Tooth movement after orthodontic treatment – Part Two

In Part One I outlined the tooth movement that occurs as a rebound after orthodontics, and the gradual movement of teeth over time as a result of aging. I’ll now discuss my protocol for resisting the rebound movement known as orthodontic relapse, or what could be considered the 'short-term' retention … Continue reading

Tooth movement after orthodontic treatment – Part One

One of the most important things to know about orthodontic treatment is that the results are not permanent. Teeth will rebound after they have been moved, even faster than they had been moving into alignment. This is know as orthodontic relapse movement, and it occurs due to the stretching of … Continue reading

Australian Incognito Lingual Braces Users Meeting 2012

I'm just back from Sydney after an invitation to present a lecture at the Incognito 'hidden' lingual braces national meeting. The event attracted 100 or so orthodontists from Australia and nearby and we were fortunate to have a couple of world-renowned speakers headlining the event. Incognito lingual braces are highly customised … Continue reading

Invisalign Teen Seminar

It was beautiful day in Sydney today although I was in presentations all day! The Invisible Orthodontist group of which I am a member met today in Sydney to brainstorm on the best applications of the Invisalign Teen product. Invisalign Teen was introduced in early 2010 to address the growing … Continue reading

Welcome To Imagine Orthodontics

Welcome to the blog of our new website! We really hope you enjoy our revamped website and the information in the blog. The purpose of the blog is to provide our readers with the latest information about orthodontics and the different treatment options available as well as general news about … Continue reading


Invisalign is an exciting technology that presents a great means of straightening teeth without wearing braces. It is a system that can be used for almost anyone wanting an aesthetic alternative to braces.
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Clear braces, or cosmetic braces are made out of a variety of materials that are either transparent or mimic tooth colour. With new tooth-coloured wires, clear braces aren't very noticeable and are a great option.  Read more


Lingual braces placed on the back of the teeth means your teeth will get straightened without anyone seeing your braces. Dr Stephen Papas uses the Incognito system for lingual braces.  Read more