About Imagine Orthodontics

Imagine Orthodontics is dedicated to delivering the highest standards of orthodontic treatment using the latest technologies and research. Here's our dedicated team.

Fiona - Treatment & Marketing Coordinator

I was born and reared in the fair city of Dublin, Ireland! I began my training as a dental nurse in 1998. I attended the Dublin dental school and hospital where I obtained my qualification in dental nursing!

I've been working as a dental nurse for 15 Years and specifically in orthodontics for 10 years! I moved to Brisbane in May 2010 and have been working with imagine orthodontics ever since. I am also the Invisalign treatment coordinator at Imagine Orthodontics. As treatment co-ordinator I work with new patients helping them with their transition into orthodontic treatment and also help educate  patients on the new ways to straighten your teeth with out the braces.

Both my husband and I love living here with our baby girl and our mission in life  is to see as much of the world as possible!


Invisalign is an exciting technology that presents a great means of straightening teeth without wearing braces. It is a system that can be used for almost anyone wanting an aesthetic alternative to braces.
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Clear braces, or cosmetic braces are made out of a variety of materials that are either transparent or mimic tooth colour. With new tooth-coloured wires, clear braces aren't very noticeable and are a great option.  Read more


Lingual braces placed on the back of the teeth means your teeth will get straightened without anyone seeing your braces. Dr Stephen Papas uses the Incognito system for lingual braces.  Read more